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Best Knee Braces, Supports and Compression Sleeves for gymnastics - Buying Guide: 2023

Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, which is why injuries often occur during gymnastics. These include knee, shoulder, ankle and foot injuries, as well as insufficient warming up of the body parts.

It is necessary to treat these injuries properly to avoid further damage to the affected parts and to continue practicing gymnastics or any other discipline. In this post you will find information about the most common knee injuries in sports, the best knee braces and compression straps to treat these injuries, their properties and their effectiveness in recovery.

What is the best knee brace for gymnastics injuries?

Shock Doctor - Knee support with gel pad and Velcro straps
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open with silicone pad
  • Various sizes
  • Silicone pad and quality fasteners
  • No material specified
  • Only one per order
Do not look for more offers of products that will not work for you and choose a knee brace that is breathable and non-slip. Thanks to the Shock Doctor brace with straps and buckles you are going to restrict the movements of the patella and not demand the elasticity of the ligaments, avoiding that an injury can cause you a sports stoppage of several months.

The support is constructed in neoprene material that does not accumulate transpiration and consists of two upper and lower straps that fit any type of knee. The silicone pad prevents patellar displacement and its central straps provide the right stability and compression to ensure that the femur is aligned with the knee during sports. Please note that some users may find the side buckles uncomfortable, causing pain and lack of blood circulation.

Mueller - Knee Brace with Self-Adjusting Stabilizer Unisex
  • Sizes: One size
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Elastic
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open with straps and Velcro
  • Adjustable straps with Velcro
  • Good compression
  • Breathable
  • Quality finishes
  • One size only
  • Delicate wash
  • Only one per order
Do not lose your performance because of a product that does not serve to maintain muscle range by not having the maximum flexibility in the materials with which it is made. The Mueller patellar support is ideal for use in any situation in which the knee joint is overexerted. Being breathable, it prolongs the time of use, so it is suitable for sports or when you are at home.

It is designed to combat the symptoms of muscle sprains and strains thanks to its adjustable straps with Velcro closure and the ability to retain body heat to improve blood circulation. This knee brace comes in one size fits all for men and women, making it easy to fit anyone. Consider that this compressive knee brace, in some users, can easily fall out of place.

Brace Align - Osteoarthritis Unloader Adjustable ROM Stabilizing Knee Brace
  • Sizes: One size
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Light and Breathable
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open
  • Adjustable design
  • Good compression
  • Quality finishes
  • Velcro straps
  • One size only
  • No material specified
  • Only one per order
The best athletes choose quality compressive clothing, so you can not miss this opportunity and acquire a Brace Align knee brace to recover faster from an injury. Its design is suitable for women and men and its size is adapted so that the inflammation disappears in the shortest possible time. To do this it is necessary to adjust its central stabilizer to give the correct opening of the knee.

The heat generated by this protector relieves pain caused by muscle tears, bursitis and tendinitis. Its material is breathable, so you can use it during the summer and, thanks to the quality with which it is made, it is possible to prolong its use without irritating the skin. You should keep in mind that if you perform sudden activities when you wear it, it is likely that this compressive clothing will start to slide down and lose effectiveness.

Shock Doctor - Knee Support for Stability, Minor Patella Instability and Meniscus Injuries
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Lycra and Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open with bilateral support
  • Bilateral support for better stability
  • Fully adjustable design
  • Too bulky
  • Only one per order
Every time you go to a sports training or you are going through the symptoms of osteoarthritis, be sure to carry everywhere a Shock Doctor knee ligament support. Its ergonomic design offers the best muscle control to maintain the necessary stiffness when walking or jumping. It is ideal for use by men or women in the summer or in very demanding activities.

The four-way stretch lycra mesh, together with the soft seams, offers in the front of the knee the ideal support to not generate discomfort. Thanks to its padded system and Velcro straps, it adapts very easily to the user's anatomy to stabilize and compress the knee. Consider that in some cases the elastic bands do not prevent it from sliding down the leg.

Nvorliy - Knee Brace Adjustable Knee Immobilizer Support for Arthritis, ACL, PCL
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Neoprene and Nylon
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open with locking system
  • Motion locking system
  • Good compression
  • Breathable
  • Fully adjustable design
  • Too bulky
  • Delicate wash
  • Only one per order
Sportsmen as well as people suffering from arthritis should consider using the Nvorliy hinged adjustable compressive knee brace. Thanks to its system it is feasible to combine prevention with action, this means that it is possible to perform any type of activity, keep the knee protected from further injury and rehabilitate the joint. In addition, the pressure prevents wear and tear on the articular body.

It is made of neoprene with aluminum alloy for men and women. Its structure has a locking dial to control the hinges and obtain the right resistance to prevent the joint from generating an opening in the movements different from the desired one. Straps with buckles prevent slippage during use. Keep in mind that this knee brace may limit joint movement more than necessary.

DonJoy Performance - ACL Knee Brace with 4 Points of Leverage Hinged for Ligament Injuries
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Open with hinged hinges
  • Optimal adjustment
  • 4 Support points
  • Too bulky
The unisex design of the DonJoy Performance knee brace is ideal to accompany the athlete during the recovery process by injury or to strengthen muscles and improve stability when performing another activity. It is not necessary the help of another person to put on this meniscus protector, since its adjustment is made by means of elastic straps that easily adapt to the knee.

It has hinged and a lever system to prevent re-injury and allow the knee to rest during any activity. The central control regulates the opening to improve the stability of the remaining 4 points, thus achieving greater compression, without losing user comfort. In some cases the pain does not disappear and the pressure generates discomfort in blood circulation.

ASOONYUM - Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Pain and Arthritis Relief Unisex
  • Sizes: M-L-XL-2XL-3XL
  • Colors: Black and Green
  • Material: Nylon
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with straps and Velcro
  • Strap for optimum fit
  • Breathable
  • Large sizes
  • Only one per order
To recover faster from a meniscus and ligament injury you should consider the ASOONYUM unisex knee brace model. Its ergonomic design will generate the right medical compression to contain the toxins that will be eliminated with the exchange of nutrients from the blood. In this way, the rehabilitation process will last less time, since you will not demand the stability of the knee.

The adjustable straps offer the necessary compression to maintain the balance of the joint, so you can choose any of the available sizes, but be careful because your decision may affect the grip and comfort when you use it. The breathable material adjusts 360°, creating a unique sense of security. Please note, the fabric may be insufficient to evaporate sweat for some users.

Copper Fit Freedom - Compression Knee Sleeve for Arthritis and Pain Relief
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Nylon(85%), Lycra(15%)
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed
  • Suitable for washing machine
  • Lightweight design with quality finishes
  • Only one per order
If you are looking for a non-slip knee brace that provides the right pressure in the right places to prevent injury or relieve the pain of tendonitis, then you should choose the patellar compressor that we present to you. The Copper Fit elastic knee brace helps improve blood circulation and accelerates muscle recovery when worn for several hours and for at least 2 weeks.

It is made of elastic nylon that generates greater muscle stiffness and compresses the entire joint to keep it stable during sports practice. You can wear it under your clothes, just choose the right size for you and its lightweight unisex design is machine washable. The quality is likely to be too soft for some people who require more compression for their sports.

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Types of knee braces you should know about

What are the most common knee injuries in gymnastics?

Artistic or athletic gymnastics is characterized by a mixture of choreography (as in rhythmic gymnastics) and acrobatics and maneuvers typical of traditional gymnastics. In this discipline, athletes must demonstrate strength, speed, and coordination to perform the required movements. The most common knee injuries are inflammations, tears and, in more severe cases, sprains or fractures.

Below we explain some of these injuries and their main symptoms:

ACL injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of four ligaments in the knee that connects the tibia to the femur and contributes to the stability of the thigh. In gymnastics and other sports such as soccer or basketball, such a tear occurs when the joint is overstretched or a hard blow is struck against the sides of the knee.

Some of the symptoms of an ACL tear include: severe pain in the knee, difficulty extending the knee, and swelling in the affected area that prevents the execution of movements required for gymnastics. In some cases, surgery is required, as well as rehabilitation and the use of knee braces to prevent recurrence.

Meniscus tear

The meniscus is a type of cartilage that serves as a shock absorber for the knee. Over the years, it becomes more brittle and more likely to tear. However, injuries to this fibrocartilage can occur at any age and are more likely if you participate in sports that involve jumping or sudden movements, such as gymnastics.

Meniscus tears can be mild, moderate or severe. Minor meniscus tears cause only pain and swelling in the affected area and usually recover within one to two weeks. Moderate meniscus tears cause severe pain in the knee and swelling that worsens over the course of days. Severe bursitis requires urgent medical attention, as the meniscus often breaks into fragments that remain in the joints and impair knee function.


Bursitis in the knee is an inflammation of a bursa that contains fluids that lubricate the joint and facilitate its movement. Bursitis in the knee is usually caused in sports gymnasts by excessive, inappropriate or repetitive movements, constant pressure on the joints, overuse of muscles, significant direct impact on the knee or stress. In some cases, it is also caused by infection.

It is a very uncomfortable injury with symptoms such as swelling, hypersensitivity and constant pain in the knee, even when resting. If bursitis is not treated, the symptoms will worsen and the mobility of the knee will be further limited.

Patellar tendonitis

Tendonitis is inflammation of one or more tendons. In the knee, inflammation most commonly occurs in the patellar tendon, which attaches the kneecap to the tibia. As with cruciate ligament tears, this is a common injury in gymnasts because they have to jump a lot in this sport.

While it is not a serious injury, it must be treated carefully to avoid long-term complications. Symptoms range from constant pain to difficulty moving the knees to leg weakness. In sports gymnastics, there are some recommendations to avoid these symptoms, such as: Avoiding excessive repetition of movements, receiving with the knees above the level of the feet and taking breaks at intervals during exercise sessions.

Patellar subluxation

A patellar subluxation is when the kneecap slips slightly out of its natural position. If it returns to its natural position on its own, it is called a subluxation, but if it needs to be adjusted by specialists, it is a dislocation. Both usually cause severe pain, and until they are fully restored, walking will be very difficult.

In gymnasts, it usually occurs when poorly executed maneuvers or violent blows or falls cause a subluxation. During the recovery period of this type of injury, immobilization of the affected part is essential. If you do not have proper protection, there is a risk that it will happen again.


Also known as a patella fracture. This is one of the most serious knee injuries because of the long recovery time and the need for surgery in most cases. Such a fracture can be easily recognized by the fact that the knee can no longer be moved and severe pain is experienced.

The most common causes in sports gymnastics are impacts due to violent falls or incorrect landings. This usually happens to people who are new to gymnastics, as they do not yet have the physical conditions for such movements.

Buying guide: Tips on how to buy the best knee brace for gymnastics

Gymnastics is a discipline that requires a lot of training and an adapted lifestyle, and it is also necessary to always protect yourself to avoid accidents, which are common, especially in young people who start gymnastics.

Here are the different features so you can make the right choice:

Depending on the function

  • Knee braces against pain: these garments are very suitable for the treatment of all types of pain in this area of the body. Thanks to the pressure they exert, blood circulation is very well promoted, which is beneficial in the treatment of inflammation, injuries and even discomfort that always occurs in gymnastics due to sudden and rapid movements and even falls.
  • Knee supports: there is nothing better for a gymnast than to protect himself from injuries that could affect his career for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is most advisable to use a sports knee brace to protect yourself from falls or other accidents. It should be noted that this part keeps the entire knee joint in position, which is why it has positive effects.
  • Open knee braces: they are open in the front area to contain the kneecap, avoiding sudden movements and reducing mobilization work. Despite this advantage, you must check with your trainer if it is the most suitable for your training, since it does not protect against blows to the anterior area.
  • Closed knee braces: since they are completely closed, they are very popular among athletes because they offer protection in every area of the knee. In most cases, they are accompanied by other materials, such as silicone, to effectively perform their protective and stabilizing function.


Originally they were made of fibers such as nylon to ensure their resistance, breathability, lightness and so on. Nowadays, the most commonly used material is neoprene, as it provides high support, mobility and protection, but it is not very breathable, so it is always made with spandex or nylon.

Type of support

Sports knee sleeves usually have a Velcro closure system so that they can be comfortably adjusted to fit the knee. Others have metal straps that attach to the contact and act as fasteners.

  • Velcro knee sleeves: this is one of the most convenient closure systems used by sports gymnasts. It consists of adhesive strips that stick together almost automatically at the slightest touch, tightly enclosing the knee area while providing pressure and comfort.
  • Knee braces with non-slip gel: some knee sleeves contain a gel that prevents the garment from moving from its correct position, regardless of the movements the gymnast makes. This is beneficial for athletes who have to move around a lot.
  • Neoprene knee braces: this material is recommended for gymnastics because of its resistance. It protects athletes from blows and possible cuts without losing flexibility. It is also characterized by being a hypoallergenic material and easily absorbs sweat, which prevents the knee brace from becoming slippery.


These garments should fit snugly on the knee and provide enough freedom of movement for the joint. A knee brace that is too tight can cut off blood supply and cause cramping, while one that is too loose will not perform the tightening and immobilizing functions needed to prevent or treat injury.


The design of this accessory is a subjective feature. In the past, knee braces were very colorful and flashy, in line with the fashion of the time. Today, minimalist, monochromatic designs with some fluorescent details predominate, but it is also possible to find custom designs through factories that specialize in this part of sportswear design.

This makes it a great option for gymnasts who want to look more eye-catching and even stylish, as there are a variety of options to choose from depending on the person. This way, not only are you comfortable on the outside, but you also get the protection and care that your knee needs to avoid injuries of all kinds.


Therefore, protect your knee well and do not invest your money in products that do not provide compression, breathability and adequate support, because this is just an unnecessary cost. Remember that it is better to make a more expensive purchase, but one that really meets your needs, and not to constantly expose your knees in the gym.

Are compression knee sleeves for gymnastics really effective?

Several scientific studies have proven that compression knee sleeves work for gymnastics. However, it is important to note that their use must also be accompanied by exercise routines with breaks and good warm-up exercises before performing the maneuvers.

Compression therapy promotes recovery and strengthening of muscle tissue, making it less susceptible to injury, especially bone fractures, which are often a major obstacle in gymnastics. It also treats and prevents sensitive conditions such as lymphedema, varicose veins and other circulatory disorders.

Because of its proven therapeutic benefits in various studies, professional athletes often use this type of therapy to treat injuries more quickly. They claim to have no side effects, which is why the use of these compression therapies is recommended and reliable in sports disciplines such as gymnastics.

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