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Best Knee Braces & Supports Compression Sleeves for basketball - Buying Guide: 2024

In basketball, injuries are common, especially to the knees. This happens because the joint is overloaded or contracted by the muscles in constant movement and flexion. Therefore, you should stop all physical activities and not continue training for a long period of time.

Compression knee sleeves are the most effective solution for any type of sprain and provide the support you need before and after an injury. To better understand this wonderful garment, you need to know something about its types, the injuries it treats, its properties and how it works, which we will explain below.

What is the best knee brace for basketball injuries?

Bauerfeind - Sports Knee Brace with Officially licensed NBA
  • Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with silicone pad
  • Various sizes
  • Silicone pad
  • High compression
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Quite bulky
  • No material specified
  • Only one per order
The ergonomic design with official NBA license fits properly to any male or female knee, making compression ideal for stimulating blood circulation, generating therapeutic heat and relieving pain in the inflamed area. This compression brace is useful for preventing tears, meniscus injuries, anterior cruciate ligament injuries and combating the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

With a Bauerfeind sports knee brace you can play basketball for as long as you want and rest assured that the knee will not be injured and the kneecap will not slip out of place. The breathable neoprene material and gel pad relieve pain and adjust the knee during play without causing discomfort. The quality of the materials and stitching may deteriorate over time.

POWERLIX - Sports Compression Knee Sleeve for Men and Women
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed
  • Various sizes
  • Good fit and compression
  • No material specified
  • Only one per order
Choose products that are safe for your health! We recommend the POWERLIX knee support for professional athletes. Its size is customizable making it suitable for both men and women, so you can wear this compressive sleeve under your clothes to go unnoticed when you go to work. Don't miss out on any activity because of pain, just wear this elastic compressor and you will relieve all the symptoms of bursitis, muscle tears and pulls.

Stimulation of blood circulation is easily generated because the length of this bandage keeps the quadriceps and calf muscles firm, which keeps the joint aligned and supported against sports overloads! You can also use it for surgical recovery or to prevent wear and tear in case of arthritis. In some patients the maximum flexibility of the knee is not obtained.

Modvel - Compression knee sleeves for men and women
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colors: 6 Options
  • Material: Nylon, Lycra
  • No. of Products: 2 Pack
  • Type: Closed
  • Various colors
  • 2 By order
  • Low level Compression
The customizable fit of this pair of knee braces makes it maintain its position during use without falling, preventing that uncomfortable slippage from being a problem for you, as it happens with other kneecap compressors. The stimulation it generates in blood circulation helps to combat the symptoms of arthritis and inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The lightweight and comfortable fabric of the Modvel knee brace is available in all sizes and, thanks to its design, the muscles will remain stable, without having a high compression. Every time you use it during training or when you go for a walk, this support will generate enough temperature to get the therapeutic benefits of warmth. And don't worry about perspiration, because the material wicks away sweat. In some cases, the knee brace may be of little use for walking and may only be suitable for sitting.

NEENCA - Professional knee brace with high compression and support for sport
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2L-3XL
  • Colors: 7 Options
  • Material: Breathable
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with silicone pad
  • Silicone pad
  • Good compression
  • Variety of colors
  • Quality finishes
  • No material specified
  • Not suitable for washing machine
  • Only one per order
This running knee sleeve is designed for those who prefer a safe purchase and do not want to waste time on returns due to product inefficiency. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase the NEENCA sports brace for knee support, which will improve the protection of the joint without limiting the movements you need to do in your daily tasks.

In all the sizes you can choose there is a silicone pad located in the center to prevent the patella from moving and causing tendon and ligament ruptures. Compression is exerted by its metal lateral supports that anatomically delineate the joint, generating just the right compression to prevent any type of injury. Stability is created by the 3D cutting technology with which it is manufactured. In some patients the upper part of the knee brace may detach and cause discomfort.

CAMBIVO - Sports compression knee sleeves for Men and women
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colors: 12 Options
  • Material: Nylon(65%), Latex(20%), Spandex(15%)
  • No. of Products: 2 Pack
  • Type: Closed
  • Variety of colors
  • 2 By order
  • Low level compression
Make your movements safer and stronger by using high quality knee protection. Thanks to the CAMBIVO patellar compressive support you will be able to perform any type of movement with your knee, without having to expose yourself to serious injuries. The materials with which this pair of knee braces is made are pleasant and can be used in summer.

The 3D fabric is efficient in providing necessary and maintaining the knee with the right heat to reduce tension on the muscles and reduce inflammation in the affected area. It is suitable for all sports activities and for your daily household chores because you can wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing. If you don't choose the right size, the support often cuts off blood flow or is too loose.

JIUFENTIAN - Copper Knee Brace for Arthritis Pain and Support
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Neoprene and Copper
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with copper material
  • Copper
  • Good compression
  • Various sizes
  • Optimal adjustment
  • Delicate wash
  • Only one per order
So that you do not miss physical training or sports games because of an injury to the meniscus, ligaments or patella, it will be convenient to use a good protection. That is why today we present the JIUFENTIAN knee support with medical compression, which will provide better support and stability in the components of the joint.

It can be used by men and women, since its ergonomic design adapts easily to any person, but you must choose the right size to avoid slipping or too tight. Once you know the ideal size for you, just put it on during your workout to stimulate blood circulation and avoid injury. Keep in mind that, when doing sports activities, the muscles are enlarged so this support is not useful if you do not choose the right size.

Bauerfeind - Sports Knee Sleeve for Athletes with Medical Grade Compression
  • Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-2XL
  • Colors: 3 Options: Black, Blue, Pink
  • Material: Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with silicone pad
  • Various sizes
  • Silicone pad
  • Only one per order
Knee injuries will disappear during sports training or when you have to perform overload work, thanks to the use of the Bauerfeind unisex knee brace. Comfort and range of motion are two highlights of this ligament support. So, if you want to become a better athlete, then you should not miss this unique opportunity.

The medical grade compression sleeve provides the necessary fit due to its size, which keeps the knee slightly bent to avoid overloading and stress on the joint. The different sizes available provide relief and stimulate blood circulation to decrease toxins in the affected soft tissues. In some situations, the stabilizer is insufficient to keep the joint protected, but this will depend on each case.

ASOONYUM - Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Pain and Arthritis Relief Unisex
  • Sizes: M-L-XL-2XL-3XL
  • Colors: Black and Green
  • Material: Nylon
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type: Closed with straps and Velcro
  • Strap for optimum fit
  • Breathable
  • Large sizes
  • Only one per order
To recover faster from a meniscus and ligament injury you should consider the ASOONYUM unisex knee brace model. Its ergonomic design will generate the right medical compression to contain the toxins that will be eliminated with the exchange of nutrients from the blood. In this way, the rehabilitation process will last less time, since you will not demand the stability of the knee.

The adjustable straps offer the necessary compression to maintain the balance of the joint, so you can choose any of the available sizes, but be careful because your decision may affect the grip and comfort when you use it. The breathable material adjusts 360°, creating a unique sense of security. Please note, the fabric may be insufficient to evaporate sweat for some users.

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Types of knee braces you should know about

What are the most common knee injuries in basketball?

Basketball is a sport that is played all over the world, both at work and in everyday life. Over time, statistics have shown that most injuries in basketball occur in the knee, since that is where the lateral force and sudden movements are concentrated.

The most common injuries include:


This is a sprain or injury to the ligaments. This happens because of the sudden tension and movements that tear them, which can lead to dislocation if not treated in time. The knee consists of four ligaments: the medial collateral ligament, the lateral collateral ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament. Trauma can be partial or complete in this area. In fact, the causes are any fall or impact that leads to a sprain, so in sports practice such cases occur regularly.

Basketball is a discipline that requires quick changes of direction, and running can cause falls, imbalances or tripping over other players. Basketball players are therefore prone to minor or severe knee injuries. It should be noted that any injury or fracture to the athlete can mean the end of their career, so caution is always advised.


Bursitis is the inflammation of small hardened capsules that contain or trap synovial fluid and interfere with the proper functioning of the joint, causing dysfunction, stiffness, pain, friction, and increased local heat, triggering an inflammatory process. In basketball it is usually the most painful , as it is caused by direct blows to the anterior area or knee impacts. Also, the constant pressure exerted on the joint, either through exercises or playing, puts it at risk of suffering this trauma.

It should be noted that it is usually a simple swelling, but it is important to diagnose where it is affected, as it can have serious consequences. It is important to know that if it is a high-risk stage, immediate surgical intervention is required, leading to a ban on sports and physical exertion.

Patellar tendonitis

Widely known as "jumper's knee." It is an injury that can result from overuse, such as intense or excessive training or changing surfaces during sports practice. Patellar tendonitis can manifest as inflammation and cause severe pain on the outside of the knee.

This happens very often in basketball, because it is a sport where the goal is to throw the ball into the opponent's basket, and in order to achieve this goal, you have to jump constantly. It is important to know that the knee is a joint with limited mobility, so if it is constantly used carelessly, it is possible to break it.

Iliotibial band injury

The iliotibial band is a connective tissue (tendon) that runs along the outside of the leg from the hip bone area to part of the leg and its junction with the tibia.

In basketball players who perform at high levels, such as basketball players who play the sport professionally, this ligament loses its elasticity and causes an inflammatory problem due to direct friction against muscles and bones. The iliotibial band is most damaged in sports, as it is constantly exposed to jumps, which is the case in any sport, so it is necessary to apply pressure to the affected area.

ACL injury

This is the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament as a result of an injury. These contusions are very common in sports that require certain sudden and abrupt movements. Basketball is the sport that is most affected by this trauma, since the conditions of the game require jumps with falls, sudden stops, unplanned changes of direction, etc.

The case of this discipline is so severe that they have conducted analysis and statistics on the most common injuries in the NBA and concluded that 14% of all NBA players have suffered this injury at some point in their career . In the same study, it was found that female athletes are much more prone to this injury for neuromuscular, hormonal and anatomical reasons.

Buying guide: Tips on how to buy the best knee brace for basketball

For many years, the knee brace has become a sports fashion, not only because of its design and variety of colors, but also because of the many benefits it offers, such as: Preventing injuries, improving performance and speeding up the recovery process.

Depending on the function

Each knee brace has a specific purpose that is focused on a solution or improvement, some types are:

  • Knee braces against pain: after an injury or a slip during the practice of a sport, incisive pain occurs that completely prevents the practice of your activity.
  • Knee braces with pads: they contain extra padding that covers the front of the knee and is fixed with straps. Commonly used in volleyball as it reduces the risk of injury and reduces discomfort.
  • Knee braces for stabilization: stabilizing injuries helps speed recovery, as knee braces are used to immobilize and prevent sudden movements that can affect the injury.
  • Hinged knee braces: Easy to adjust, especially for balance, they provide the necessary stability and create a kind of pressure contrast on the knee.
  • Semi-rigid knee supports: their use is recommended after an injury, that is, if you want to resume your sports activities and have suffered an injury, it is important that you do so with this type of garment.
  • Therapeutic knee orthoses: Therapeutic knee orthoses are most often recommended by physical therapists or traumatologists who specialize in sports injuries or forced practices, so it is important to know the most common types for therapy or rehabilitation.
  • Orthopedic knee support: it is recommended mainly for long-term injuries, that is, when there is still force or after-effects of the blows. One of their characteristics is that they are the most voluminous of all.
  • Knee braces with opening: this type is used before surgery and offers pressure on the edges and a small opening in the middle of the knee. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the frequency and progress of the latter.
  • Protective knee braces: this is the most popular type of knee braces on the market, since they guarantee the protection of the kneecap and the sides of the knee, avoiding direct blows that cause the most common and serious injuries in the world of basketball.
  • Closed knee braces: They are most commonly used in orthopedics because they facilitate fixation by completely covering the knee; they are also versatile, both for training and recovery. They are characterized by their ability to maintain pressure and stiffness without dislocating, providing warmth to the extremities.


The material is very important because it determines the quality and functioning of the knee brace or compression strap; it is one of the most studied points before choosing or purchasing the garment. The first thing to evaluate is the fabric used. There are fabrics in all kinds of shapes, colors and properties, and the combination of several of them makes it possible to obtain a material as resistant and durable as the one we currently use for clothing.

We will explain two of the best:

  • Neoprene: This is the most commonly used material for knee braces. Its properties include waterproofness, heat retention in the area, freedom of movement and flexibility.
  • Nylon: This is a type of thermoplastic polyamide that is hard, wear-resistant, ultra-lightweight and breathable.
  • Stretchy fabric: spandex fibers contrast perfectly with neoprene or nylon to create a high quality, durable piece. It is moisture wicking, durable and can be stretched to any length without changing its original position.

Type of support

The fixation is the effect of the fixation. This is an important point when choosing the ideal knee brace, because there is no point in wearing a garment that does not stay in place. Generally, the knee brace sticks to your body, but if you want to regulate the pressure or have more security, these are the best options for you:

  • Neoprene: This is a very popular material in this discipline, as you can have the necessary stability in the knee brace without any other accessories and train without major complications.
  • Velcro : This is a closure system that is ideal for this type of garment. Its use is based on the regulation and control of the pressure on the knee according to the desires of the person, creating a good support.
  • Non-slip gel: it is designed to be non-slip and not slip, so you can do any physical and sports activity with this type alone and without worrying that the knee brace will move or slip down.


Size is one of the most important points to complete the function of the knee brace, because if you make yourself smaller or larger, it can affect the function or negatively change the results. To choose the right size, you need to measure the contour of the knee, especially above the kneecap, with a symmetrical tape measure to judge it properly. We've created a chart here so you can compare results and find the right size for your clothing purchase.


The design the creative and eye-catching part of the market. In this area there has been a very pronounced development, ranging from colors to patterns and projection elements. Its manufacture is the most meticulous, as it depends on the type of fabric from which the garment is made to function properly. The goal is to shape the muscles in the best possible way, avoiding sweat, excessive pressure or materials that attack the skin.

The look is one of the most important points of an athlete, since he has an infinite number of followers and must always maintain the style that characterizes him. With the sports knee sleeves this is not a problem. Thanks to the variety of colors, designs and high quality they make you look fashionable and at the same time protect your joints , which are the foundation of your career.


The cost of sports knee sleeves, as with any other garment, should be judged by their functionality. These products are characterized by certain factors that distinguish them from others, such as strength, quality, flexibility, support, durability and so on.

You can find very low prices on the market, but you should keep in mind that the most expensive products last the longest and have the best features to achieve the desired goals. So, protect your joint well and make the best investment for the development of your sports career by purchasing sports compression knee sleeves.

Are compression knee sleeves for basketball really effective?

Many doctors and physical therapists recommend the use of this garment because they believe that it allows for a quick recovery. No wonder, just by putting it on the knee, the veins are compressed, which leads to better blood circulation. This has certain health benefits: It reduces inflammation, prevents blood problems, relieves pain and heaviness in that area of the body, etc.

Therefore, its function in basketball is more than positive and beneficial, since it is not only a support for recovering from injuries, but also exerts an advanced protection that helps keep the knee always in place and protects you from any trauma you may suffer on the court.

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