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Best Elbow Braces & Supports Compression Sleeves for basketball (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Basketball is a sport that naturally requires constant physical exertion. As a result, all the extremities of the body are exposed to a variety of injuries, especially the elbows, which are the driving force behind the shots that the player must make to play the sport.

Therefore, it is important to know which sports elbow braces to use to avoid blows or bad movements of the joint, as well as the types of elbow injuries and the function of these compression garments depending on the type of treatment or injury. Everyone who plays basketball should remember that taking care of their body is essential for a healthy sport.

What is the best elbow braces for basketball injuries?

Feel Recovery - Elbow Compression Sleeve
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colors: Green, Pink and Black
  • Material: Breathable
  • Nº of Products: 2 Pieces
  • Uses: Rehab and Sport
  • Elastic Fabric
  • Double Anti-Slip Silicone
  • Ergonomic & Adjustable
  • Sport Design
  • Unisex

Feel Recovery - Elbow Compression Sleeve


Feel Recovery - Elbow Compression Sleeve

Elastic Fabric

Feel Recovery - Elbow Compression Sleeve

Various Colors

Mcdavid - Arm compression sleeve with support for basketball and all sports
  • Sizes: XS-S-M-L
  • Colours: 6 Options
  • Material: Synthetic
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of fastening: Closure with elastic straps and velcro
  • Elbow brace
  • High support
  • Does not specify material
If you are looking to improve your athletic performance and keep your elbow protected, then the hexagonal compression sleeve offered by McDavid is ideal for you. The comfort and reliability of this product are the features that stand out the most. Its fabric designed to be worn by both men and women covers a large part of the arm, making the product easy to wash and keeping the arm dry at all times.

It has a superior closed-cell technology pad with a foam that efficiently protects the joint. It can be used in warm weather and in any sport, especially basketball and volleyball, as its long coverage prevents scrapes in falls. The material it is made of is pleasant to wear, but for some athletes it can be uncomfortable because it slips off the arm.

GORNATION - Unisex Arm Sleeve for Men & Women for Elbow Compression
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • No. of Products: 2
  • Type of closure: None
  • 2 Sleeves per pack
  • Quality finish
  • Very stretchy fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Smaller sizes
  • Low pressure
The GORNATION compression sleeve is the ideal support to cover the arm and provide the necessary stability to avoid losing elbow movements. Its performance does not diminish with every wash and being an efficient and versatile compression garment in different sports, it is the ideal elastic bandage to be used in any situation. This offer includes a pair of sleeves with a free backpack for transport

Injuries from weight training or crossfit will be considerably reduced thanks to the use of this compressor that reaches up to the wrist. Its breathable material gives the athlete the greatest freedom and comfort because it does not slip during movements. Each size will be adapted to your needs because you can choose a more comfortable fit or a higher compression, but pay attention to the size because it may be a little bigger than the one shown in the table.

Supregear - Elbow support brace with Adjustable Compression Wrap
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colours: 3 Options - Black, blue and pink
  • Material: Black Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Closure type: Elastic straps and velcro closure
  • Tape for better fit
  • 2 pieces per pack
  • Stretch fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Finishes that could be improved
  • Bulky
The compression arm sleeve for sports training can be used by men or women, offering a comfortable fit for activities. Thanks to this elbow sleeve you will be able to relieve pain or avoid injuries that are generated by exaggerated and repetitive movements of the joint. Don't miss out on this Supregear offer, which includes 2 units with an adjustable strap so that it doesn't slip down the arm.

Its ergonomic design and breathable material will help you to use the compression sleeve for longer and in any weather. Recovery from bursitis, tendonitis and other injuries will be much faster thanks to the stiffness and stimulation of blood circulation. Don't forget that the elasticity of this elbow sleeve may be insufficient for some athletes with severe elbow injuries.

Physix Gear Sport - Unisex Elbow Support for Men & Women for Tennis and Golfers Elbow Support
  • Sizes: M-L
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Polyester, Nylon, Latex
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of closure: None
  • Strong grip
  • Quality finish
  • Only two sizes
Don't stop doing what you love because of an elbow injury! With the Physix Gear Sport unisex elbow brace for epicondylitis you will be able to do any kind of sport and daily activity without pain. All you have to do is choose the ideal size and then use it for all your workouts to stimulate blood circulation and avoid tennis elbow symptoms.

Don't worry if it's summer or you train in hot environments because with the design and material technology of this compression sleeve, you'll keep your arm dry and free of perspiration. And by applying pressure in the right places, you won't lose control of your movements and it won't slide around on your skin. Don't forget to take the time to choose the right size or it won't work for you.

Bauerfeind - Unisex sports elbow brace for for Basketball and Kickback Sports with Joint Stability
  • Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colours: 3 Options - Black, blue and pink
  • Material: Styrene-ethylene copolymer
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Closure Type: None
  • Comfortable thanks to silicone ring
  • Quality workmanship
  • Sold separately
The Bauerfeind sports elbow brace is ideal for use in training where you need to maintain stability and strengthen the muscular structure of the elbow. It can be worn on either arm and the different unisex sizes fit easily, providing the best possible comfort. The wrap-around knitted fabric improves blood circulation without limiting the joint's range of motion!

Overuse in sports can lead to epicondylitis, so don't forget to wear this compressive garment when playing padel, tennis, golf or when recovering from an injury or medical treatment. The anatomical support may diminish over time due to washing and overuse. It may irritate the skin if there are wounds in the area.

Compress Pro - Compression sleeves for Arm and Elbow for Tennis Elbow, Golfers, Weightlifting
  • Sizes: S-M-L
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of closure: None
  • Suitable for men and women
  • For any activity
  • Good compression
  • Lightweight design
  • Small sizes
  • Not suitable for washing machine
Any of the three sizes offered in the Compress Pro elbow brace helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the epicondyles. You can use it in any sport to maintain arm alignment or to prevent injuries affecting the bursae, tendons or muscles of the joint. Its ergonomic design with breathable fabric eliminates odour and helps golfers and tennis players get the greatest range of motion.

You can use it to increase sensation in your arm or to improve blood circulation, providing optimal, non-slip support for any task you perform. It doesn't matter if you wear it under your clothes when you go to work or over a garment, as its soft seams and pleasant material will not cause discomfort on your arm. Pay attention to the sizes described because you can choose a size small for you.

NEOtech Care - Elbow Brace Support Sleeve with Elastic & Breathable Fabric
  • Sizes: XS-S-L
  • Colours: Grey
  • Material: Spandex, Nylon, Polyester
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of fastening: Closure with elastic straps and Velcro
  • Adjustable Tension
  • Highly elastic fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Stabilises the joint
  • Few sizes
  • Only one colour
Freedom of movement increases the athlete's performance thanks to the optimal support provided to the elbow by this wide elbow brace. The breathable elastic band at the bottom of the elbow provides muscular control of the joint, reducing the risk of injury and epicondylitis. The different unisex sizes are non-slip and made of skin-friendly material, preventing dermatitis in athletes.

By improving blood flow, the NEOtech Care elbow support helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Its breathable material increases wear time all year round. Keep in mind that the upper mouth of the elbow brace should be placed on the biceps, so its diameter will depend on the size of the muscle, if you choose a larger size it will not generate stability and will move down the arm.

Mcdavid - Elastic compression sleeve forElbow Support for Arthritis Relief and Joint Pain
  • Sizes: M-L-XL
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Nº of products: Single
  • Type of closure: None
  • Soothes aches and pains and promotes circulation
  • Quality finish
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Large sizes
  • Not suitable for washing machine
Mcdavid offers athletes and patients recovering from osteoarthritis of the elbow support for the joint. It is designed in breathable neoprene and maintains ideal compression to prevent heat retention. It is non-irritating and its design provides the correct stability to maintain range of motion.

Its different sizes can be worn by men or women on either arm during sports, at work or at night. Don't miss out on one of the best elbow braces for value for money, but bear in mind that as it is not a rigid product it is not recommended for maintaining medical compression in tasks that require overloading the elbow.

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Feel Recovery - Elbow Compression Sleeve

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Types of elbow braces you should know about

What are the most common elbow injuries in basketball?

Elbow injuries are common in basketball due to the frequent mobility and movement of the arm. In addition, sudden movements with the hand and ball can have harmful long-term consequences. Every injury has its complications and limitations, but the elbow is so delicate that an injury to any part of the ligaments, cartilage, or muscle in general can affect the wrist or hand to the point of complete immobility.

The most common types of elbow injuries in basketball are:

Tendinitis of the elbow

This is an inflammation of the tendons that are responsible for connecting bones and muscles to allow perfect movement. This type of injury causes pain on the outside of the elbow and during arm movements. In basketball, the elbows are used throughout the game, as the arms are responsible for maintaining the rhythm and movement of the ball.

Therefore, all of the physical force applied to the elbow comes directly from turning, changing direction, passing and jerking. This leads to tendonitis in the elbow joint due to the accumulation of frequencies, forces and stresses created by so much flexibility and stretching.

Elbow sprain

This is an injury to the ligaments that are located around the elbow and provide flexion and movement of the entire limb, which also leads to joint breakdown. They occur in basketball when the player performs movements with too much force or in an uncontrolled manner, either by a sudden pull that causes an injury to one or more ligaments. The elbow can even be affected so badly that it forces the player to temporarily retreat.

Even after recovery, this limits shooting during basketball practice. It should be noted that an elbow sprain requires a strict and long recovery period, because if the arm is stretched normally, the previous condition may re-emerge, leading to more serious consequences in the near future that are detrimental to the athlete.

Lateral epicondylitis

It is also known as tennis elbow and occurs when the forearm muscle is specifically injured, resulting in instability of the elbow and causing tears in the tendon at the lateral epicondyle. The main cause is overuse of the elbow, arm or wrist. This can lead to inflammation and severe pain, which in the long term can cause permanent damage and prevent us from playing sports normally.

In basketball, this type of injury is very common because the positions and movements of bending and extending the arm are constantly practiced, which causes the muscle to rub against the bony parts, leading to progressive wear of the athlete. Depending on the severity of the injury, that is, whether or not it is treated in a timely manner, recovery can take a long time.

Radial humeral joint

This injury to the elbow occurs due to damage to ligaments and joints that are affected by bending, twisting or intense throwing. The joint can break due to lack of strength in the elbow area, which decreases as the bones wear down due to excessive and frequent repetition of movements during basketball training.

The Radial-Humerus joint is the functional center of all joints and ligaments, as they are connected through this joint and allow the elbow to maintain its natural flexion and glide. Therefore, an injury can severely affect athletic development and even long-term bending ability.

Neuritis of the medial

This is an inflammation of the median nerve in the arm that directly affects the elbow, causing inflammation that reaches the joint and makes it uncontrollable. The main cause is repetitive movements with the elbow, uncomfortable postures, as well as sudden movements that are required in any sport.

In addition, this injury can lead to bone deformities and long-term trauma that can affect physical activity. In basketball, the elbow must be constantly extended and flex, so accidents of this type are to be expected. Symptoms include tenderness, pain, tingling, numbness, swelling and immobility of the arm.

Buying guide: Tips on how to buy the best elbow compression sleeves for basketball

For basketball, it is ideal to buy sports elbow braces that maintain their advantages even during movement, passing and shooting. To make the right choice, you need to look for and compare features such as the manufacturing material, the type of fasteners, the design and other aspects that are important for the function of the product, whether for the recovery process, protection or injury prevention.

According to their function

  • Elbow sleeves for pain: an injury can cause severe pain in the elbow and in the arm in general. For this reason, compression sleeves for the elbow are the best for treating any type of pain, as they provide relief through pressure and heat.
  • Stabilizing elbow supports: it is known that this type of elbow braces promotes joint immobilization and is best for the recovery process. In basketball, they are used in case of problems related to previous injuries or to prevent injuries on the court, whether in physical activity, collisions or falls.
  • Elbow braces: they are essential for basketball players, since the elbow is constantly exposed to the risk of injury due to overuse. This type of elbow braces, especially the elastic ones, provide strength and stability so that no joints or ligaments are damaged.
  • Recovery elbow supports: compression elbow sleeves are designed for an athlete's recovery from a Grade I or II sprain or other mild to moderate sprains. It is important to wear these garments after an elbow injury to fully restore elbow and arm function without after-effects. For this reason, there are articulated elbow supports or other materials recommended by professionals for the specific cases of basketball.


The type of material used accounts for 80% of the function of a compression sports garment, as its effectiveness and durability depend on its manufacture. Everything in our lives has gradually evolved, and basketball elbow braces are no exception, because today you can buy them in different getups, a variety of colors, sizes and even with different functions that contribute to better sports performance.

  • Neoprene: This type of material is the most commonly used due to its durability and protection, as it perfectly adapts to the skin without damaging it or causing rashes. 100% recommended by physiotherapists and sports doctors for its stabilizing effect.
  • Elastic fabric: known for its pressure function, resistance and stability of the surface, but especially for its elasticity, as it can be stretched without changing its natural state. It is used in many types of elbow braces and can also be combined with different materials, including neoprene.

Type of support

This point is also of paramount importance, because if the garment slips or shifts during training or games where sudden movements are made, the garment may move, causing discomfort, accidents due to improper use or failure to perform its function.

To avoid this kind of discomfort, it is better to use bindings that provide adequate support, such as:

  • Velcro: For basketball, you need a simple closure that you can design as you like. Velcro closures are most commonly used lately, as they are easy to open and close, and also provide strength and stability to the elbow area throughout the sport.
  • Hinges: these are usually recommended for post-surgical and orthopedic use. However, athletes use them to support the elbow during exercise.


Buying sportswear is exciting, but when it comes to size, there is always uncertainty about the size and fit. Please note that ordering a size smaller or larger than the correct size may result in contraindications. If you don't yet know the exact size of your elbow, you can determine it with a simple tape measure by running it along four fingers above the joint and above and below the arm(depending on whether the elbow brace is long or short).


The design of the garment can represent you on the field, and it also serves the purpose for which you bought it. In this regard, it is important that you consult with a professional or coach about the design you need and customize it. This way you will feel comfortable and confident in your sportswear.

On the other hand, today there is a wide variety of colors, styles and materials. The design refers not only to the type of model, but also to the construction it is made of and the benefits it can bring to the basketball players. For this reason, it is important that it is studied from its manufacture to the creative process of fashion and style, without compromising the therapeutic and protective lines of the product.


The cost varies depending on the function and material of each sports compression sleeves, although it should be emphasized that prices fluctuate, so it is not advisable to buy sleeves that are too cheap, as they do not have the minimum quality required to achieve good results, which can have a negative impact on your health in the long term. The most important thing is to choose a model that meets all quality standards.

Are compression elbow sleeves for basketball really effective?

70% of physiotherapists consider compression therapy to be the most effective therapy for preventing injuries, protecting joints and ligaments, and improving blood circulation. This means that compression basketball elbow braces are effective in every way: for protection on the court, for prevention during training and exercises, and for healing injuries.

Compression therapy is able to create heat sensations by applying pressure to the elbow in a simple and comfortable way. At the same time, this temperature helps the blood to circulate without being affected by the pressure, so that the athlete can perform without problems.

Compression elbow sleeves are very special because of their functions, as no other garment can match the benefits they provide to the elbow. Therefore, every basketball player should have them in his protective and safety equipment if he wants to maintain his health and improve his performance.

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