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Best Elbow Braces & Supports Compression Sleeves for tennis (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Tennis, badminton, table tennis and other racket sports have similar characteristics with slight differences in terms of instruments and playing movements. In these sports, the arm is constantly moved during exercise, which puts a lot of stress on the elbow and other joints, which can lead to serious injuries that affect health.

This article is a summary guide to elbow braces for tennis, badminton and racquet sports. It explains the most common elbow injuries, the best elbow compression sleeves, features, materials and more. The goal is to answer all your questions so you can purchase the compression garment you need.

What is the best elbow braces for tennis injuries?

Feel Recovery - Tennis Elbow Brace
  • Sizes: One Size Fits All
  • Colors: Green, Pink and Gray
  • Material: Breathable
  • Nº of Products: 2 Pieces
  • Uses: Rehab and Sport
  • Elastic Fabric
  • Double Anti-Slip Silicone
  • Ergonomic & Adjustable
  • Sport Design
  • Unisex

Feel Recovery - Tennis Elbow Brace

Ergonomic Design

Feel Recovery - Tennis Elbow Brace

Compression Pad

Feel Recovery - Tennis Elbow Brace

Highest Quality

AGPTEK - Tennis Elbow Brace w/ Adjustable Anti-Slip for Golfer Elbow w/ EVA Compression Pad
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black and Blue
  • Material: Lycra
  • Number of products: 2
  • Type of closure: Closure with elastic and velcro straps
  • Prevents major injuries
  • Good fit and design
  • Good compression
  • Pressure-enhancing pad
  • Not suitable for all sports
  • Finishes to improve
AGPTEK's adjustable pair of tennis elbow straps provides just the right amount of muscle compression in the right places to prevent injury and relieve symptoms of epicondyle inflammation. The sewn-in inner pad with skin-friendly stitching helps reinforce optimal elbow support for golf, basketball and weightlifting. After training you can achieve the best therapeutic effects by keeping the bracelet on for a few more minutes.

Being non-slip and adjustable in size makes it one of the most sought after unisex, one-size-fits-all neoprene elbow braces by professionals and sports enthusiasts. You can wear it anywhere you go and you won't need anyone else's help to put the support on. They are hand washable, but keep in mind that the disinfectant smell won't go away as quickly.

Prim - Neoprene forearm strap for Epicondylitis injury
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colours: 3 Options - Black, blue and pink
  • Material: Black Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Closure type: Elastic straps and velcro closure
  • Maximum comfort
  • Multi-purpose cuff
  • Pressure fit
  • Quality stitching
  • Voluminous
  • Delicate wash
Reduce and prevent elbow injuries by using the Neoprair elbow brace! The one-size-fits-all grey neoprene brace offers the highest effectiveness by only exerting the correct pressure on the flexors and extensors. The silicone padding of this sports brace does not make itself felt when you are training tennis, paddle tennis, golf and any other sport that requires repetitive elbow movements.

Fitting does not require the help of another person to adjust the elbow brace to the swollen spot. Slide the elbow brace on according to the type of injury you want to prevent or the pain you want to relieve. Adjust the straps until you feel comfortable compression and achieve the ideal warmth to produce therapeutic effects. It is important that the circumference of your forearm is compatible with the elbow brace, so before purchasing this offer check the diameter of the epicondylitis strap.

SUPRBIRD - Elbow Adjustable strap with Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Arm Cuff
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Lycra
  • Number of products: 2
  • Type of fastening: Velcro fastening
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all physical activities
  • Poor support
The anti-slip compression band prevents epicondyle inflammation in tennis and golf players, but can also be used by any athlete who places maximum stress on the elbow. The ease of donning this brace and the velcro fastening allows the inner pad to generate maximum pressure just where it is most needed to stabilise the elbow.

The SUPRBIRD pair of elbow braces can be used by both men and women who wish to protect their arms from injury and maintain their level of play. Choosing the right place to put the brace is important, so you will need to always keep the velcro in good condition. In some people after extensive use, the fastening system starts to wear out causing the compression brace to slip.

Bracoo - Tennis Elbow Support Strap Adjustable Brace with EVA Pad
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Grey
  • Material: Nylon
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of fastening: Closure with elastic straps and velcro
  • Good support
  • Easy and quick adjustment
  • Not suitable for washing machine
While playing tennis or golf you can use this Bracoo elbow strap. Thanks to its reversible one-size-fits-all design you will be able to dampen vibrations and absorb shocks to the elbow. Frequent use will reduce muscle inflammation during sporting activity, helping you to have maximum freedom of movement.

Don't hesitate to buy this sports elbow brace because you won't have to be adjusting it all the time, thanks to its non-slip system. The type of closure and the material with which this elbow guard is made prevent perspiration from accumulating. You will be able to use it in high temperatures and you will have to be careful when washing it by hand, as you don't have to choose hot water or the dryer.

Ionocore - Tennis Elbow Compression Strap for Golfers with EVA Compression Pad
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black and blue
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Nº of products: Single
  • Type of fastening: Velcro fastening
  • Suitable for all types of exercise
  • Quality material
  • Not suitable for washing machine
The one-size-fits-all Ionocore compression strap for men and women is ideal for protecting the joint from overload and giving muscle control to the arm. Its adjustable design, with EVA-type cushioning, increases blood circulation and generates the right support to keep compression where it is needed. It is non-slip, so you can wear it when playing sports or in your daily activities.

The skin-friendly stitching and breathable design with Velcro straps offer the best resistance to deal with tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and sprains. It relieves pain by offering great comfort, although in some cases of epicondylitis the fit is not sufficient. Be aware that the material can cause skin irritation if not held properly.

Supregear - Elbow support brace with Adjustable Compression Wrap
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colours: 3 Options - Black, blue and pink
  • Material: Black Neoprene
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Closure type: Elastic straps and velcro closure
  • Tape for better fit
  • 2 pieces per pack
  • Stretch fabric
  • Breathable material
  • Finishes that could be improved
  • Bulky
The compression arm sleeve for sports training can be used by men or women, offering a comfortable fit for activities. Thanks to this elbow sleeve you will be able to relieve pain or avoid injuries that are generated by exaggerated and repetitive movements of the joint. Don't miss out on this Supregear offer, which includes 2 units with an adjustable strap so that it doesn't slip down the arm.

Its ergonomic design and breathable material will help you to use the compression sleeve for longer and in any weather. Recovery from bursitis, tendonitis and other injuries will be much faster thanks to the stiffness and stimulation of blood circulation. Don't forget that the elasticity of this elbow sleeve may be insufficient for some athletes with severe elbow injuries.

Neo G - Elbow Support for Tennis and Golfers Elbow For Epicondylitis
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Blue
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Nº of products: Single
  • Closure type: Elastic straps and velcro closure
  • Strong hold
  • Strap for better fit
  • One size large
By purchasing a Neo-G elbow brace you are protecting your elbow from injury and helping the blood supply system to flow properly to the affected area. It is designed to relieve tennis elbow and epitrochleitis pain by simply placing it on the arm. Remember that elbow injuries are caused by repetitive muscle strain when playing sports, so you can use the splint to immobilise the joint and prevent wear and tear from arthritis.

The optimal support exerts the necessary pressure to maintain muscle control and obtain range of motion in every daily task. Its universal size can be worn by both men and women on both arms and its adjustable strap prevents slippage. Please note that for some epicondylitis injuries the pressure exerted is insufficient.

Yosoo Health Gear - Tennis Elbow Brace with Breathable fabric and Strap Stabiliser
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Black Neoprene
  • Nº of products: Single
  • Type of fastening: Closure with elastic straps and velcro
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Double spring stabiliser
  • Adjustable straps
  • Quality finishes
  • Bulky
  • Not suitable for washing machine
No need to endure elbow pain in the gym or suffer from tennis elbow injuries anymore, you just need to use the adjustable elbow brace with elastic straps Yosoo Health Gear. Thanks to this protective brace you will get effective support for your elbow. Its one-size-fits-all design includes straps to improve the fit with two hooks and loops, which helps to put pressure on the area affected by tendinitis.

Its magnetic closure design with exposed elbow offers the ideal ventilation for longer wear for men or women, regardless of whether it's summer or winter. Getting the therapeutic benefits of this elbow brace on the injured area is very simple and you won't need anyone's help to adjust the velcro straps. Don't waste any more time looking for elbow braces, but keep in mind that, for some people, the design may be uncomfortable.

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Feel Recovery - Tennis Elbow Brace

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Types of elbow braces you should know about

What are the most common elbow injuries in tennis or badminton?

Racquet sports usually involve repetitive and intense movements over long periods of time with various types and weights of racquets on a paved surface. Despite physical preparation, athletes can injure their elbow and other areas of the arm. There is a long list of elbow injuries that are sport specific and others that are related to everyday activities.

Here is a list of the most common elbow injuries:

Tennis Elbow

The medical name for these injuries is epicondylitis. It is a stretch or tear of the extensor tendon, which lies under the skin on the back of the elbow and is attached to the elbow. It occurs when the wrist is extended and the arm is repeatedly rotated, affecting the extensor tendon.

With continued activity, it can progress from a simple sprain to a tear of the tendon, causing stabbing pain in the elbow or on the outside of the elbow. The extensor tendon is swollen but not visible to the naked eye. It may be difficult to move the club, and depending on the severity, you may not be able to pick up the club with your hand.


The elbow ligament is a long, strong fibrous band that holds the joints together, allows natural, anatomical movement and restricts abnormal movement of the arm, serves as a stabilizing mechanism and can prevent injury.

An injury to this ligament is called an elbow sprain. It is a stretching of the ligament and, in severe cases, a rupture of the ligament. In the case of a fracture, there may be a detachment of the cartilage. It occurs when the wrist and arm are rotated beyond the allowable amount due to overuse of the ligament, which is normal in sports such as tennis and all other racquet sports. This causes severe pain, swelling, redness of the affected area and instability.


Between the bones and muscles of the elbow is a small pocket called the bursa, which allows the arm to move freely and prevents wear and tear on the joints. Bursitis is one of the most common complications of racquet sports and consists of inflammation or irritation of the bursa, the cause of which is unclear.

It occurs when repetitive and excessive movements are made over a long period of time. For example, when a tennis player hits the ball back to the other side of the court with the racket over a long period of time, the discomfort begins, the joint becomes stiff, and when you least expect it, you have an inflamed elbow. Symptoms include headaches, tenderness, difficulty moving, stiffness and, if severe, fever.


This is inflammation or injury of the tendons in the elbow that connect the muscle to the bone. Athletes who play racquet sports are among the most affected. It occurs when one extends the arm and uses the sports equipment to react to the opponent. This repetitive and intense movement causes inflammation of the tendons of the elbow and is also due to muscle weakness caused by a lack of warm-up exercises.

The symptoms depend on the severity of the injury. In the first two stages, you have severe pain when you stretch your arm, in stage 3 you have difficulty moving your arm, and in stage 4 you cannot move your arm. If you continue to move, you run the risk of tearing the tendon.


Cartilage is an elastic structure that has no blood vessels and is found at the ends of bones throughout the body. Its function is very simple: it facilitates the movement of the limbs and protects the bones from wear, friction and injury.

Elbow chondropathy involves the breakdown of cartilage. The cartilage softens and steadily loses strength. It can be degenerative, result from another injury, and also affect people who play racquet sports. Cartilage damage is classified as grades I through IV, with the first grade representing softening of the cartilage and the last grade representing cartilage loss and bone abrasion. Symptoms include joint pain, stiffness and, depending on the extent of damage, tendon and ligament damage.

Buying guide: Tips on how to buy the best elbow compression sleeves for tennis

An elbow brace can make the difference between winning and losing. It helps you treat, prevent, or reduce the risk of injury, which can save you a lot of money on medical treatments. If you already know the list of the best sports elbow braces, you should also check their features to acquire the right one and be able to train normally without fear of accidents.

According to their function

Tennis may be the origin of many racket sports like badminton and others. If you compare them, you will find that they are very similar in terms of play and rules. It is incredible the level of popularity that these sports have reached, a common feature is that they require athletes to be well prepared physically and mentally. Depending on the case, elbow braces are needed for training and competitive sports with specific functions.

In this section you will find more detailed information about what you can use them for:

  • Elbow braces for pain relief: neoprene sports elbow sleeves are ideal for pain relief, their anatomical shape fits perfectly to the elbow, thanks to their thermo body effect and compression they help improve blood circulation, they are the best alternative for racket players looking for a quick solution to stop the pain
  • Elbow supports to strengthen muscles and ligaments: Non-slip silicone elbow braces can help improve the condition of muscles and ligaments after surgery or injury. They apply even and distributed pressure to the affected area, prevent lateral movement of the elbow pad on the muscle and protect the player from injury.
  • Elbow braces to enhance athletic performance: tennis is a sport that requires great agility to perform multiple movements. Elbow braces help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments, which is of utmost importance to achieve a better athletic performance of the athlete, as they prevent any damage or inflammation caused by overuse or exertion. In this way you do not have to stop training and therefore the development of discipline, creating greater competitiveness.
  • Elbow supports to protect against blows: The elbow is the most stressed limb on the tennis court due to the repetitive movements. Therefore, an elbow protector is needed that protects the player but does not restrict their movement. Many of these sports accessories use neoprene up to 2mm thick as an insulating material, combined with silicone pads for protection. Safety and confidence in every movement.

Material of manufacture

The design and manufacture of the elbow braces was made possible by the use of breathable, elastic, resistant, hygienic and high-quality materials such as neoprene, absorbent fabric, nylon, non-slip silicone, plastic and others. The end result is a product with incredible properties, able to exert a uniform pressure on the muscle, protecting it and improving athletic performance.

Some of these materials are :

  • Neoprene: It is flexible enough to withstand temperature changes and harmful environmental conditions. Regardless of how it is used, it always retains its original shape. It can be stretched or bent without any problem, it is an insulating material that maintains body temperature and promotes blood circulation.
  • Absorbent cloth: it is a microfiber made of very fine threads. It has the amazing ability to absorb liquids without deforming, keep the surface clean and germ-free, and can be washed without fear of damage.
  • Non-slip silicone: it is a non-slip, flexible and very resistant material used in the manufacture of elbow supports. Thanks to its anatomical shape, it creates a compression and thermocompression effect that maintains body temperature and improves blood circulation; its use in elbow sleeves can vary depending on the combination of materials.

Type of support

The closures of the sports elbow sleeves are essential, they improve the compression and keep the product firmly in place. The materials must be resistant, flexible and lightweight to be very comfortable and perform their function. Some of them are:

  • Velcro: This is one of the most effective closure systems used in sportswear and other products. It is elastic, very strong, cheap, easy to clean and convenient. It is very easy to use, just press the other strap and that's it, you have a personalized print and the assurance that the garment will be in the same place.
  • Nylon straps: they are usually used with Velcro to give elasticity to the closure system, it can perfectly fit the shape of the elbow and apply uniform pressure to the application area. It is resistant to heat, cold and abrasion, lightweight and easy to clean


A very important aspect you should consider is the size of the elbow support, it should not be too big as it would be loose and it should not be too tight as it would be uncomfortable. If you choose the right size, it will perfectly fit the surface of the elbow and allow free movement. The size of the ideal garment should be based on the width and length of your elbow. To get the exact measurement, use a tape measure and pass it around the joint.


The elbow straps shown here are fully functional and provide impact protection. They can help treat and prevent injuries and other damage. They facilitate arm mobility and agility, but are also eye-catching as they are available in a variety of colors and with a variable surface texture to balance design and functionality.


For many users, this is one of the most important points, because depending on the value you can buy it. It should be noted that the cost of products varies depending on their functionality, materials and even the national currency. For this reason, a market overview of the products mentioned in this article has been made, from the lowest to the highest price you can get.

Are elbow compression sleeves for tennis really effective?

Sports elbow sleeves for tennis, but also for all other racquet sports. They are effective in treating and preventing the various injuries typical of these activities and are highly recommended by therapists and exceptional athletes for the many benefits they bring when used in sports, confirmed by various studies to verify their effectiveness and quality.

One of the objectives of the elbow braces is to compress the affected muscle, but all this is accompanied by a series of other properties and characteristics that make this product ideal for the treatment of various conditions that affect the health of people and therefore are an obstacle to the good performance of the athlete.

The items mentioned here are the result of a constant study of fibers and materials that are combined to provide the protection, safety or function you need, always thinking of an evolution for the benefit of each consumer. Undoubtedly, elbow supports are essential for any racket player, because they not only provide comfort, but also protection in every movement.

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