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Best ankle braces & supports compression sleeves for cycling (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Cycling is practiced on a bicycle and is known in all parts of the world. For many people it is more than just a sport. Some people use it to get around, walk or play sports at a high level, but no matter how it is used, it can cause serious ankle injuries.

If you are looking for the best compression ankle sleeves for cycling, this article is for you. In it, everything you need to know about these garments is explained in detail: their features, types, whether they are really suitable for cycling, etc.

What is the best ankle brace for cycling injuries?

Feel Recovery - Ankle Compression Sleeve
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
  • Colors: Green, Pink and Grey
  • Material: Breathable
  • Nº of Products: 2 pieces
  • Uses: Rehabilitation and sport
  • Elastic Fabric
  • Double Anti-Slip Silicone
  • Ergonomic & Adjustable
  • Sport Design
  • Unisex

Feel Recovery - Ankle Compression Sleeve

Double Silicone Anti-slip

Feel Recovery - Ankle Compression Sleeve

Elastic Fabric

Feel Recovery - Ankle Compression Sleeve

Various Colors and Sizes

Bauerfeind - Adjustable Sports Ankle Brace for Sports Injury Recovery
  • Sizes: T1 to T6
  • Colours: Grey and Blue
  • Material: Breathable Material
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of closure: None
  • Positioning aid
  • Highly elastic fabric made of breathable material
  • Material not indicated
The ultra stretchy, breathable fabric of the Bauerfeind ankle stabiliser keeps the joint stiff, relieves pain, prevents re-injury and reduces swelling in the area. The protector is ideal for use in sports, as its compression edges are reduced at the ends, making it more comfortable to wear with footwear.

It is designed for people suffering from arthrosis and tears because it stimulates blood circulation thanks to the viscoelastic pads located on each side. The model of this muscle-stabilising bandage comes in different sizes, but be aware that it can only be used on the right foot. The lateral guides can cause discomfort when walking and, in some cases, wear out easily.

Voltactive - Ankle Support brace with 3D Technology to Support Joint Mobility
  • Sizes: S-M-L
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Breathable Antibacterial
  • Nº of Products: Single
  • Type of closure: None
  • 3D technology with mesh fabric
  • Technogel pad for added protection
  • Suitable for sports activities
  • Highly elastic fabric made of breathable material
  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly thin material
The Voltactive right ankle brace uses 3D technology in the flat mesh fabric. This allows for proper ankle mobility, while maintaining the importance of joint support in sports activities. This protector can also be used in everyday activities due to the anatomical Technogel pad on the underside of the heel which acts as an ankle cushion.

Thanks to its unique design it is possible to relieve pain, reduce swelling and protect the ligaments in the demands placed on the tibio-tarsal joint. This model can be worn on the right leg when playing football, basketball or gardening. The elastic material is breathable, but in summer or in high temperatures it can cause superficial injuries to the skin.

FYSHOP - Compression Ankle sleeves for sprained ankles and pain
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • No. of Products: Single
  • Type of closure: Closure with elastic straps and velcro
  • Adjustable tension
  • Silicone anti-slip bars
  • Size too large
Enjoy full ankle movement in your daily activities or your favourite sports using the FYSHOP stabilising ankle brace. Thanks to this breathable protector you can keep your foot dry and firm. By simply placing your foot on the elastic band and then wrapping the ankle and sole with the adjustable strap you are ready for action. The great advantage of this system is that you always keep your tendons protected, without losing the joint opening.

You can use it on either foot and, as it is one size fits all, it is suitable for both men and women. The silicone of the anti-slip bars offers safety when walking, running or jumping, avoiding injuries or sudden displacements of the ankle. As it does not come with instructions, you must put it on carefully to avoid misuse, and the stitching finish may scratch the sole and ankle, causing skin irritation.

Bonmedico - Elastic Compression Sleeve ankle for running and Foot Injuries
  • Sizes: M-XL
  • Colours: Grey
  • Material: Neoprene
  • No. of Products: 1
  • Type of fastening: None
  • High anatomical versatility
  • Stabilizes the joint
  • Large sizes
For sports injuries to the ankle or to relieve pain from tendonitis, tears or dislocations it is important that you protect the joint with an elastic Bonmedico stabilising ankle brace. This compressive bandage is ideal for use on either foot when you suffer from plantar fasciitis and don't want to miss a game of tennis, football or basketball.

Its ergonomic design achieves maximum grip without disrupting joint range and its external seams keep the foot and lower calf area snug at all times. Thanks to the flexible material it is made of, it can be worn under shoes in summer because it evaporates body moisture. If you choose this compression garment for intensive use, it is likely that the back seams will come apart and the ankle brace will separate.

Hually - Adjustable Ankle Brace with Breathable & Elastic Nylon for Women and Men
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Nº of Products: 2
  • Type of closure: Closure with elastic and velcro straps
  • Machine washable
  • Quality Finish
  • Multifunctional Protection
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Thin material
  • Low compression
Ankle instability will disappear when you wear this one-size-fits-all neoprene protector. This will improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation caused by tendonitis, bursitis, sprains or osteoarthritis. The ankle brace is ideal to be worn underneath your shoes when you do your daily activities or play ankle-demanding sports.

Its built-in stabilising strap improves the grip of either foot, making it an easy fit for both men and women. The multi-functional hook and loop protection system may cause some discomfort when wearing tight-fitting footwear. The Hually ankle brace may lose elasticity in the malleolus area over time or when worn frequently.

Bauerfeind - Unisex sports ankle brace for Sports Such as Football, Fitness and Jogging
  • Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
  • Colours: 3 Options: Black, Red and Blue
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Number of Products: 1
  • Type of closure: Closure with elastic and velcro straps
  • Durable quality and easy to clean
  • Anatomically shaped for a secure fit
  • No indication of material
Bauerfeind presents its unisex ankle brace for use in fitness, yoga, climbing, football and any demanding sport. It features knitted stabilizer bars that provide protection and stability under weight loads, making it an ideal compressive garment to be worn everywhere. Not only can it be used for sports, it is also useful for post-surgery or to relieve pain from osteoarthritis or other degenerative diseases.

The adjustable strap stimulates alternating compression and achieves a better support of the ligaments. It is characterised by the fact that it is a non-slip garment and its polyamide main component makes the protector machine washable. The articulated elastic thread closure may cause discomfort in the plantar area, making the anatomical fit uncomfortable. The massaging fabric may not fit properly on some users.

SOFIT - Ankle Support Sleeve for Sports, Running, Fitness, Ankle Sprain, Achilles Pain Relief
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Colours: Black
  • Material: Spandex
  • No. of Products: 1
  • Type of fastening: Closure with elastic straps and velcro
  • Breathable high performance fabric
  • Seamless and durable
  • Quality finish
  • Improved ankle support
  • High ankle support
  • Not machine washable
Don't forget to take the ankle support with you so that your ankle joint is safe and secure when doing your favourite sport. The quality of the material with 3D knit technology allows you to keep your feet dry at all times, thanks to its unique moisture wicking properties. You can also use this protector to relieve pain caused by inflammation in tendons, bursae and plantar fasciitis. It is ideal for preventing sports injuries.

It contains an adjustable support to achieve the greatest possible stability and prevent the foot from slipping during use. Its antiperspirant system guarantees performance and a long life of all components, including its soft stitching. It can be worn on either foot, but please note that in some cases, adjustable socks may be required to improve compression.

Awenia - Compression Sports Ankle Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis pain
  • Sizes: L
  • Colours: 2 Options: Blue and Orange
  • Material: 79% Polyamide and 21% Spandex
  • No. of Products: 2
  • Type of closure: None
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable and slip resistant
  • Multi-purpose ankle support
  • High elasticity
  • One size fits all
  • No strap included
Your ankles will always be protected with an Awenia ankle brace. This offer includes a pair of units that can be worn by both men and women to protect the ankle from sprains, plantar fasciitis and strains. They are also used to combat the wear and tear on the joint caused by arthritis and gout disease. The breathable elastic fabric with double loops provides the utmost comfort, preventing slippage and keeping the foot free of moisture.

Thanks to the silicone material and sturdy seams of this pair of ankle supports, you can go hiking, climbing and gymnastics in comfort. But for that you should not forget to include this product in your backpack, and don't worry about their weight, because they are very light. The ankle brace allows you to move your foot widely, so it is not advisable to choose it when you are looking for maximum compression to stop a sprain.

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Feel Recovery - Ankle Compression Sleeve

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Types of ankle braces you should know about

What are the most common ankle injuries in cyclists?

These are the most common ankle injuries in cycling:


This is an inflammation of the tendons behind the ankle, which are responsible for connecting the bones of this joint to the muscles and help stabilize the body and prevent sprains during sports activities. In cyclists, it usually occurs after an awkward movement, a twisting of the foot and an injury to the ankle.

The first thing you will notice is severe pain, instability and inability to put your own weight on the foot. There are several reasons for this type of injury, but they are mainly related to poor posture, lack of warm-up before sports activities, incorrect sitting height or altered axes.

Ankle sprain

This is a soft tissue injury. The degree of damage ranges from grade I to grade III, with the mildest sprain being easily treated, while the worst requires surgery. The most common symptoms are pain and swelling, but it all depends on the severity of the situation. Sprains can affect anyone, but are more common in activities like cycling because the pedaling motion acts directly on the ankle.


The bursa is a fluid-filled bag between the bones and other moving parts. It acts as a kind of cushion that prevents collisions and wear and tear between the different bones of the ankle. This type of injury occurs when you continuously pedal and put stress on the tendon. You will experience severe pain that will prevent you from pedaling further and force you to withdraw from sports activities.

Cartilage Injury

This is an inflammation of the cartilage in the ankle joint. In cycling, they are usually caused by repeated and intense movements of this joint due to the mobility of pedaling. It can also occur if the cyclist has an accident and the impact is directly on the cartilage. This injury would then worsen and lead to tears, arthritis or other consequences. Surgery may even be required.


One of the most common injuries in professional cycling is dislocation or luxation. This is when the bones near the ankle shift out of their normal position, causing severe pain, deformity and instability.

It occurs due to a wrong movement when pedaling, when they are exercised faster, more intense and abruptly, without being aware of the consequences. In this case, the bone must be returned to its original position and, in the worst case, surgery is required.

Buying guide: Tips on how to buy the best ankle brace for cycling

Sports ankle braces are very effective and popular among users. However, it is important to consider certain aspects to make the best choice of compression garment for your particular case.

To make your search easier, here is a list of the most important features before you decide to buy:

According to their function

  • Ankle braces for injuries: Sports ankle braces help in treating, preventing or minimizing the risk of injury while cycling. This is due to the compression and stabilization they provide to the joint, putting it into a resting state and speeding up recovery.
  • Anti-pain ankle braces: if you experience pain in your ankles after frequent pedaling, it is best to use an ankle support, as its thermocompressive effect will significantly reduce discomfort.
  • Ankle protectors: athletes will always be exposed to bumps, scrapes or scratches, so it is important to use elastic compression ankle protectors. They help protect the ankle, especially in weak feet, preventing sprains, tendonitis, etc.
  • Supportive ankles: cyclists perform many movements during their activities, which requires a firm and supportive fit of the ankles. This is achieved by using ankle orthotics with a sleek, anatomical design that provide support and hold and easily conform to the foot.
  • Stabilization of the ankles: the advantage of stabilization is not only in case of fractures or injuries, but also in the prevention of minor injuries such as sprains, as they do not allow sudden movements and keep the joint in the correct position.


Over the years, technology has made great strides in researching and discovering new ways to make pens, such as alloys of materials with incredible properties and great benefits for various fields.

For cycling, different types of materials and alloys are used that can be stretched, bent and protected without damage or cracking:

  • Absorbent fabric: it is a very thin and incredibly strong fabric that can absorb large amounts of fluid without losing its original shape or being damaged. It feels comfortable and can be stretched to a certain extent without restricting the movement of the ankle.
  • Non-slip silicone: can be folded without being damaged or torn, perfectly fits the shape of the ankle, compresses, keeps muscles and joints warm and keeps the garment stable.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene plays a very important role in cycling, it can insulate from moisture and low temperature, it is durable and flexible.

Type of support

Support straps provide stability and support the muscles and joints of the ankle. They are adjustable, reliable and can help prevent injuries during sports activities.

The following straps can be very useful for ankle braces:

  • Velcro: These are straps that can be attached by pressing on the ankle in any direction without fear of loosening, they are of incredible quality and resistance and easy to use.
  • Nylon straps: the elastic nylon straps are stretchy and fit perfectly around the ankle, combined with Velcro straps for more precision. They are comfortable, sturdy and durable.
  • Hook and Loop Strap: A two-way strap that combines neoprene, breathable fabric and individual hook and loop closures to adjust the pressure on the ankle perfectly.


Finding the right size of a garment is of great importance, especially for cyclists, as they need to use the ideal size of ankle orthotics and other garments to ensure comfort and safety during sports. To find the right size, a tape measure that you should place around your ankle will help you determine your exact size.


It's amazing how many sportswear items there are on the market. Many manufacturers focus on offering a functional product but neglect the design and end up offering something boring and inappropriate, but that's not the case with the clothing mentioned here.

The sports ankle bracelets are absolutely functional and effective, they stand out from the competition with their unique and bold design, texture with variations in fabrics and a pleasant feel and a wide variety of colors to suit the tastes of all athletes. The result is a simple, functional and fashionable product.


The cost of ankle braces can be seen in relation to their characteristics. Since it is not the same a garment with simple materials and without closures that is generally reduced its usefulness and with very low prices that capture the attention of the customer, but, they leave in bad repute, the advantages of ankle orthosis that arise a poor expenditure of money.

It is best to buy certified products recommended by professionals, such as ankle support that work perfectly and are made of highly qualified materials that do not cause allergies or skin irritation. Of course, these garments are more expensive than others, but remember that the health of your ankle could depend on this product.

Do compression ankle sleeves for cyclists really work?

The manufacturing process starts with studying the materials and alloys needed for each product, and of course, constant modifications and tests to determine the effectiveness of the garment - a long and tedious process, but worth it.

The ankle pants help you prevent and treat injuries, as well as reduce muscle fatigue, cramps and improve blood circulation. But also worth highlighting are the unique and daring designs with a variable texture that feel comfortable, and a variety of colors that offer something for everyone.

Sports ankle braces stand out for their functionality and excellent results, and are recommended by therapists, sports trainers and even professional cyclists who have used them. In short, they are the ideal complement to fulfill 100% the activities of this sport.

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